If we knew the simple answer to this simple question we’d probably all be millionaires sipping cocktails, smoking Cuban cigars on a beach somewhere in the Caribbean sun.

Kao vlasnik Libris komunikacija i voditelj edukacijskih programa u Velikoj Britaniji i Hrvatskoj, Peter donosi dodatnu vrijednost u ZIMO kroz nove marketinške i komunikacijske ideje, alate, naputke i praktične savjete.

Let’s face it - we would all like to know the ‘golden recipe’ in order to improve our businesses, and products, come up with fantastic innovative ideas or be more creative.

Is there in fact a pattern or common elements that help create the environment for that special moment when it all comes together? The ‘Eureka’ moments, the ‘light-bulb’ stroke of creativity, the ones as if by magic pop into your head whilst in the bathroom, the ones you simply can’t prepare for because they just happen. But is it really like that?

Steven Johnson, shares in this illustrated compact video his thoughts and insight on how we get great ideas from networking our thoughts and letting them grow over time as they take their own shape. Also, connectivity in today’s world creates an explosion of thoughts (The web, facebook, twitter etc.) which enables us all to absorb lots of little bite-size ideas that can be turned into something great.

To summarise his video:

1. Ideas can often take a lot of time to develop

2. They exist as half-formed ideas for a long-time

3. Create spaces where small initial thoughts can be formed into ideas

4. Connectivity helps create new ideas – websites, social media etc.

Do you have a recipe on how to get great ideas? Do you agree with Stephen?

Let us know at ZIMO what you think.

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