Think about it. What ways can we bring a touch of colour to the office? A picture or two on the office walls? A plant perhaps? Well, have mastered a way of creating colourful madness at the office which will guarantee to bright up everyone’s day at work.

Kao vlasnik Libris komunikacija i voditelj edukacijskih programa u Velikoj Britaniji i Hrvatskoj, Peter donosi dodatnu vrijednost u ZIMO kroz nove marketinške i komunikacijske ideje, alate, naputke i praktične savjete.

This wildness is single-handedly made out of nothing but sticky notes! In fact, believe it or not, no less than a quarter of a million of them over a period of 3 minutes! A genius, quirky concept that might just be what is needed to re-inject some freshness and the feel-good factor back into your office. Go ahead and ask the boss…

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