Many of us live in the social network world of Facebook, more and more in Croatia tweeting on twitter but is there room for a third, quite different social network for the masses? A network which in contrast to Twitter and Facebook, actually limits your number of friends or followers to 50? Why on earth would you want just 50? What makes this so special?

Introducing PATH. It's an iPhone application designed for photo sharing. The concept is quite simple – instead of sharing every small detail, tagged photos, and exposing yourself to hundreds of 'friends', the thinkers behind PATH have created a network that helps you connect with up to 50 people.

People that are regarded as family or close friends, the ones you actually actively want to share with. Research shows that the majority of us have a maximum of up to 50 friends that we have a close personal relationship with.

You download the app, register your name, and start connecting with your friends, posting photo albums. The concept seems strong as we want to share personal moments and experiences but not always with hundreds of people we barely know. But uniquely, because you'll only have the closest of friends in your network, you can be yourself, capturing those special moments that you want to share with only a select few.

Where can I start Path?

Path is available only in US App Store for iPhone.

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