If you've recently just joined Facebook or you've had your profile active for a while, there's certainly no question that you have become part of a worldwide community that grows stronger by the day.

Kao vlasnik Libris komunikacija i voditelj edukacijskih programa u Velikoj Britaniji i Hrvatskoj, Peter donosi dodatnu vrijednost u ZIMO kroz nove marketinške i komunikacijske ideje, alate, naputke i praktične savjete.

As the number of Facebook active users passed 500 million in July 2010 here's an interesting visualisation of the social networks facts and figures.

Although the facts and figures may now have changed slightly ( March 2010) it will still give insight and background to one of the strongest online influencers changing the way we do things and connect with others. Did you know that the average Facebook user spends 55 minutes per day on the site? The average Facebook user has 130 friends and there are 35 million profile updates every single day.

facebook facts & figures

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